Things you know

About 10 miles to the West of town, where the Forest-Flagsdale road meets the North-South Forest Road, there is a tree (very old, by the looks of it) growing in the middle of the road. You were ambushed here by humans.

Later, you were “ambushed” by a random elf (who later fell out of his tree) who killed the Hobgoblin that had led you out of Goblin Undertree. Odd that he didn’t kill the goblin that was with you.

You attacked the barkeep in a bar full of somewhat drunk townspeople. What the patrons saw:

A dwarf, with a keg on his back, walks in with a motley crew. He walks up to Greg, who just served us our drinks, and gives him money. Then he and his friends start beating the crap out of Greg.

Fortunately, The townspeople were slow to react, and your elf kept serving them their drinks, so they didn’t mind too much.

You are told, by the elves, that the person who had them grow the tree is the father of the dragon you just killed. The older green dragon is not happy with you the person who has the dragon’s head.

You sold the dragon’s head to an unsuspecting merchant, with promises of many dragonscales for armor, Poison-prevention amulets made of dragon’s tooth, and love potions made of dragon’s eye. There was so much horse shit flying in that room I thought you had bought a stallion.

Things you know

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