Silver Walls

Atheas’s birth home.

The City of Silver Walls sits abandoned in the southern “V” of the mountains shown here: (Yes, it’s from a Google map of a place on earth. Don’t pay any attention to that!)

The name “Silver Walls” comes from the fact that, due to relatively high concentration of Silver Ore in the mountains that serve as its back walls, when entering the city, the walls seem to glitter with (and be made of) silver.

The city was built by minotaurs with defense in mind. The Southern, Eastern and Western walls are backed up to mountain faces, and the north gates are a choke point for any attacking forces.

The city itself is set up in a tiered system, with the ruling family living in a keep at the “top” to the south. Below that is the Noble Tier, Followed by the Common Tier, and the Merchant Tier. After the Merchant Tier, There is a large, maze-like buffer before the main gates. This Labyrinth is used for military training and war games, and as a secondary choke point for any invading forces.

The six towers around Silver Walls were tactically built on the highest points surrounding Silver Walls, so that any incoming attacks could be prepared for; and also served as a secondary defense should the town come under siege: an underground passageway leads to each of the towers both as an escape route and a way of changing the guard with no vulnerability.

Silver Walls

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