Riverhaven’s population numbers near the thousands, making it one of the largest cities you’ve likely seen. Though all of the people are spread rather thin, it is easy to tell that there are many. And the size of the city – wow. This city could hide in it at least 10 farms, and none would be the wiser!

When you asked about the nearest temple, you were pointed to a temple that sits on the crossroads of Division and Balance streets. The temple’s visitors come to worship many gods: Melora, Kord, Sehanine, Erathis, Ioun, and Corellon. Those among you who know your religion might notice that these are all Unaligned gods. You might also notice that The Raven Queen is the only unaligned God(des) that is not represented.

The Market Square is a bustling area near the Waterfront Wall, and merchants here will sell you nearly anything. If it is mundane equipment, or alchemical in nature, you can find it here.

The Flying Pig Inn is near the market, up the street about a quarter mile.


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