Other Rewards

For various reasons, I will give out non-standard awards. To Date, Torg has earned a Feat, by writing a backstory for himself.

Every week (that I run game), all of my players have the option to submit a game log for a reward. Previously, the reward was 20 XP per Game Log. I am going to move away from this, in favor of keeping everyone near the same level. In lieu of XP, I will be awarding Points, which can be used to buy Bumpies, which grant in-game benefits.

Bumpie Cost Description
+1 Bumpie 20 Points Add 1 to any die roll: Hit, damage, skill, etc.
Personal Reroll Bumpie 20 Points Allows you to reroll any 1 roll. if you roll a d20 and get a 1, you can reroll. If you roll your damage dice (however many of them there are) and get a non-favorable roll, you can rereoll the entire set, or just one die. You must take the second result, even if it is worse.
Eberron Bumpie 30 Points Add 1d6 to any 1d20 roll.
+5 Bumpie 50 Points Add 5 to any die roll: Hit, damage, skill, etc.
GM Reroll Bumpie 50 Points Like a Personal Reroll Bumpie, but you can make the GM reroll any one die roll. I MUST take the second result, even if it is more favorable to the NPC I am rolling for. Please note that I hide my rolls. This is mostly habit. However, I would prefer to continue. Sometimes, if I roll a nat 1 (twice in a row), I like to keep that information secret.

How Bumpies work Only one Bumpie’s benefit may be used per person per encounter. They are tradeable. You may improve your roll OR SOMEONE ELSE’S, WITH THEIR PERMISSION. This means that if you Bump Joe’s d20 with a d6 (Eberron Bumpie), Joe then cannot Bump his own roll for that encounter.

Points as rewards Points will be rewarded in the following ways:

Reason Number of Points
Write a game log 20
Generate a map for a building I didn’t ask for 10
Write a backstory 0 (see below)
Cool moment in game or good roleplay (see below) 5 – 10
Really Huge Favor (Long term secretarial stuff for the campaign, massive cartography, etc.) 100

“See Below” number 1: it’s 0 because you get other benefits.

“See Below” number 2: The more awesome your moment of awesome is, the bigger the reward. The more consistent the level of awesome (even if it’s really high), the fewer rewards, but the more likely they are to be really high. This is not meant to discourage roleplaying; it’s meant to reward good roleplaying. I just haven’t figured out how to make it stay balanced.

“Too Long, Didn’t Read” version of the above: Be awesome, get points. More awesome = more points.

If you have any questions, let me know with comments on this post, or in email.

Other Rewards

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