Character Creation Guidelines

When you create a character, you have 2 options:
  • Roll 4d6, Reroll any 1s, and drop the lowest number. Do this 6 times, and assign the stats however you want
  • Assign the numbers 16, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 to your stats in whatever order you want.
We are currently level 5. You have Magic Items (from the PHB, or from other books with permission) Broken up as follows:
  1. 1x level 4 item
  2. 1x level 5 item
  3. 1x level 6 item

However, if you (for whatever reason) decide that you want a lower-level Wondrous item (not a weapon, implement, holy symbol or armor), you can follow this formula to determine what benefit it gives you: [Slot Level] – [Wondrous Item Level] – 1 = [Remaining Wondrous Item Levels to spend] For example, if you choose for your level 4 item a level 2 Wondrous item, you would have 1 wondrous item level left. (4-2-1 = 1) Every time you “break apart” magic item levels like this, you lose 1 item level total. So an item slot can yield X+1 level 1 items (where X is half (rounded down) of the slot level.

You have 160 gold, and clothing. If you did not get magical armor, you have normal armor of any type that you are proficient with. If you did not get magical weapons, you may start with any of:
  • 1 melee weapon and 1 ranged weapon / 1 implement
  • 2 melee weapons
  • 1 ranged weapon and 1 implement
  • 1 melee weapon and 1 implement

Encumbrance: If you pull something stupid, like having a 500 lb wardrobe with you at all times, filled with every piece of armor you find, and flaunt this fact, I might get annoyed. For the most part, though, I don’t care.

Ammunition: When you acquire a weapon that needs ammunition, you should purchase 1 “unit” of ammo for it (a quiver and arrows, for instance). After that, I assume you will stock up in town, and so that cost is subtracted (along with food costs) from any treasure you find.

You can be any PHB Race. You can (probably) be any non-PHB race that is already published, but there are some that I would recommend against (goblinoids, currently, will result in a very short lifespan, as will kobolds). See me with a character concept.

If you’re evil or chaotic evil, you will most likely be killed or incarcerated very quickly. My NPCs are bigots that way.

If it is discovered that you worship an evil or chaotic evil god, you will probably be considered evil by my NPCs. See above.

You have a non-standard alignment option: Neutral.

Character Creation Guidelines

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