6'6" 300lb Blood Red


Ability Score Total XP: 2250

Str: 18 Con: 20 Dex: 17 Int: 17 Wis: 17 Cha: 17

Hit Points: 42 Bloodied: 21 surge: 11 Day: 13

AC: 18 Fort: 18 Ref: 15 Will: 17

Trained Skills

Arcana 9, Heal 9, History 9, Perception 9, Religion 9, Thievery 12


Initiate Of the Faith, Weapon prefishensy three head flail


At-Will Thunder Armor, Aggravation Force

Encounter Warforge resolve,Healing Infusion: Restorative Formula,Healing Infusion: Curative Admixture, Repair Object,Spike Wire,Fiery Infusion

Daily Lifetap, Healing Word,

Utility Arcane Springboard

Backpack Advintcher kit,4 poutches silk rope 100’ clim kit, 4 Flask Oil Thieves tools,rod,mirror,heal kit, Artificer tools

Magic Items Warsoul Weapon +1, Deathcut armor +1

Warforge Item Docents

weapons Javelin, Sling, 3 Headed Flail

6’6” 300lb metal and Shadow oak Body Blood Red Eyes

Minotaurs are strong fiercely territorial creatures often found in vast underground labyrinths. A minotaur’s natural cunning and feral instincts enable it to find its way easily through even the most confusing tunnel complexes an ability it puts to great use in hunting, tormenting, and unlimately destroying intruders. a minotaur stands more then 7 feet tall and weighs about 700 pounds.

A warforged is a bulky humanoid with a skin of plates made of metal and stone, supported by a skeleton of similar material and a musculature of leathery, woody fiber bundles. An internal network of tubes filled with bloodlike fluid nourishes and lubricates warforged systems. Powerful warforged arms end in two-fingered, thumbed hands, and warforged feet each have two broad toes. Simple humanlike features—heavy brows, hinged jaws with no teeth, no nose—make up a warforged’s face. Its eyes sometimes glow when it experiences intense emotions, and its forehead and pate bears runic whorls. Each warforged has a unique rune on its forehead, much like humans have distinctive fingerprints. This rune is known as a “ghulra,” a word that means “truth” in Primordial. Warforged have an obviously artificial and sexless shape. They can’t reproduce themselves like other humanoids. However, their sense of pain seems limited to actual injury, allowing them to modify their own bodies more easily. Such physical modifications allow warforged to be as varied in appearance as other races.


About 100 year I was born on the city “Silver Walls” on the back end of the Silver Mountains. it was is the capital of the Minotaur nation. My family Is of the Military back ground. My father was the general of the our nation. His name was Sathean the Demonhorn. He got the mane by killing a VROCK and it corrupted his horns. Making it a Spores of Madness poison attack when he hit with it. So for the next 50 year any time his name was spoken it was in fear. and any one how was suppose to be interrogated talk to him and was threaten that they would be driven mad for the poison. until he died with was about 3 year before the great war. I trained with a three headed flail, sling, and javelin. I was the best at these weapons in are city. Which made me really valuable to the war party’s and for training new recruits. So by the time the Great War started I was known as the Atheas The Warmaster. I was so good that I trained 3 hold new section for our army. The dual sniper sling throwers, The spinning javelin throwers, and the three headed flial destroyers. The most elite army around the land. So as the war started it looked like we were wining, but I the figure head and when I went down I heard about 20 years latter that we had lost and my family had had given up all we had to make me a new body. a war forge. and that is how i came to be. Now I come To serve Melora for the rath and the passion of the ocean. Before I dead i was the best of warriors but when i walk i can to find a new path the path of the Artificer. Some day i wish to return home to pass this knowledge on to my brothers the Minotaurs


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