Game Log: Torg 9-6-08

We hightailed it to Flagsdale but lost the female hobgoblin cleric of Avandra. Some fey killed her, with things like that we will never break Banes hold on the goblin race. Well, the other answer to Bane is to just kill the entire goblin race and that is just as good in the end. The group staid the night in Flagsdale after adding two more to our number.

We needed to get back to Riverhaven if for no other reason then turn in Zarakun and to pay our debt to the Inn Keep at the Flying Pig. The Inn Keep in Flagsdale has a better taste in beer then the one at Flying Pig so I drained the last of the double hammer dwarven Imperial stout and cleaned the beer barrel. It may be a lot of work but by Moradin’s mug, if you’re going to keep using to same keg you have to do the work. Wild yeasts and bacteria will start and then you get spoiled beer and that is nasty stuff. The Inn Keep had some dwarven old royal strong ale that I filled my beer barrel with. Ah, five gallons of dwarven rations to go with the dried rations in my pack. The beer is the classic dwarven beer that most think of when you say dwarven beer. It’s a cask aged dark ale that is high in alcohol and fusel oils. The hogshead was only branded with a single axe, over a season but not a year and a season old so it was not as bitter as it would be. Each year the keg would get another brand and a stronger flavor.

After the nights rest we rented some tall manure makers once more and rode back to Riverhaven without incident. The law gave us some warnings and we header over to the Flying Pig. Once there I paid my tab and then tried to take in the Inn Keep for questioning. Of course the Inn Keep rested so we proceed to try to make sure he did not escape. We laid into the half elf with a string of attacks that should have dropped him like a pull axe steer but did not. Rater then stand and fight the Inn Keep has tried to run. I’m game to try to run him down but I fear it will be up to our strikers to slow-down or takedown the runner.


20 Points awarded. I’m gonna have to think up a name for these points…

Game Log: Torg 9-6-08
Farfromunique Torg_Ironhelm

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