Game Log: Torg 8-9-08


Daybreak and a repaired the wagon, the day was looking up.  Thank Moradin.  One of our group had headed for the hills but an old member of the group is back.  I kind of miss my drinking partner; he could fight well, oh well. 

I find Riverhaven a weird city.  Peace-binding our weapons before entering the city understandable, but it was how we entered the city.  Rather then a bridge or a ferry to cross the river they teleported us.  To top that the city has only unaligned churches, that bothers me more.  No temple to Pelor or other goodly gods.

After we turned the carter and goblins' heads in for a gold piece each we proceed to the Flying pig inn.   The inn is tolerable and it has been attacked like clock work.  This time we cleaned the clocks of the evil followers of Bane that shown up before the town guard could show up.  I warned the group to conceal any un-peace-bond weapons but some of the group had other ideas.  I hope it we do not get in too much of a difficulty.

We did learn some more info a goblin called Zarakun is the one teleporting those evil followers of Bane.  Now if we could find out from where.


Farfromunique Farfromunique

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