Game Log: Torg 8-24-08

The trouble that I thought was coming did not come to light. Instead we had a female hobgoblin teleport in. Even in this weird city that is weird.

She claims to be a cleric of Avandra of all things! By Moradin’s hammer, that must be as rare as an eladrin cleric of Gruumsh! Most of the goblins would kill any of there people who would dare to follow a god of light. The Inn Keeper was acting peculiar, like he was triggering a magic item, maybe a scrying shield? Well, I was ready. I had my armor on, my war hammer grounded on one side of my chair, my pack and shield on the other, and my two Throwing Hammers on the chair next to me.

Soon another portal opened and the female hobgoblin was extracted the same way she came in. The group entered the open gate that lead back to her warren and intimidate a goblin alleging to be Zarakun. May Valkauna record this oath, I swear will pay my account at the Flying Pig as soon as I’m back in the town, if we make it back to the town. I was figuring we had a one in hundred chance of making it out without an epic fight but has that ever stopped me?

The group made it to the exit without combat and ended up at the big tree in the forest by Flagsdale. Something is fishy here. Couldn’t we have just cut that tree down in the first place?


Farfromunique Torg_Ironhelm

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