Game Log: Atheast 8-9-08

After the battle was over we saw that my brother was missing and our friends, the ranger and rogue had rejoined us. We made it to the bank of the river. Where there were two guards leaving the bank on boat, and two guards on the bank. Looked like the changing for the shifts. They asked our business and I told them what had transpired and showed then the goblin heads, and the man we captured. They asked us for hair and the weapons we had. So that they could be peace bonded. I being what I am have no hair so they cut a piece of me off, but gave it back. The guard did apologized before hand. After that he called out to the ferry and we were in the city. The bridge was a fake. So my party splits up and I go to the stable to settle our debt and give Ted’s brother Fred the note that he wrote. He first inspected the seal to make sure it was not a fake. Then Ted reads the note and comments that it was strange to give a refund. Therefore, I explain that we killed the kobolds that were plaguing his brother’s city and saved three merchants. After he finished reading it he burnt it. Then gave me back the 60G  my brother played for the party to get horses. I then asked him if he had heard any rumors other then the goblins. He told me no but to come back if we needed his services again he could give us the horses free but would cut us a deal. So I then caught up to my party as they found the magistrate. We told him about the goblins and the man we found and he told us to take the heads to the clerk of the court to get our payment. He gave us 1 gold per head and told us that if  they found that the man was really a villain and not just a towns folk that we had hit on the head and brought in that we would be payed then. After that we found the Inn of the flying pig, which was were the goblins had been attacking and made a deal with the bar keep watching over the place for a free night of stay. The dwarf mage asked the owner to set an alarm and then he went to bed. In the middle of the night the goblins appeared and surprised attacked us. There were Seven of them, two ranged, one mage, three sneaks, and then the leader. The leader tried to jump over the bar and fell prone on the bar so the rogue took advantage of the situation and attacked him, doing massive amount of damage. The one that attacked me did six damage. Then I killed it with my at will power aggravation and my three headed flail. I rolled a 23 total and did 15 points of damage. Then the mage cast a spell at me so that if I moved, it would do 3D6 points of damage. The gnome mage cast a thunder wave. That I think killed some of them. The shooters move and fire on the gnome bloodying him. The ranger on the roof shoots and kills the two shooters out front. The goblin leader then stands and moves over to attack the rogue. Then on the dwarf turn he move attacks the leader granting combat advantage to the rogue and his self hitting the leader then sliding and hitting the goblin mage. Then I do life tap casting a charged artifact with part of my life force. Connecting the magical wire with the gnome and the leader. Doing a critical attack and killing him, and restoring all and then some of the gnomes hit points. We try to intimidate the last mage goblin. In addition, learn that there is a goblin named Zarakun that teleported them to the Inn. The guards show and take me in for being an unbounded weapon. These people must not me very smart. I am a Minotaur Warforge, what did they think I was. Therefore, I have to go talk to the magistrate.


[GM Note: Edited for readability]


Farfromunique Farfromunique

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