Game Log: Atheast 7-26-08

We started the game in the Flag City. We had just finished the kobolds cave.
We went to the city to get our reward from the sheriff, then to find out about a new quest. We all went to the tavern to gather information. The dwarf fighter and my brother found out that there were goblins in the other city. So we rented mounts and as everyone rode away, I talked to the animal tamer and told him that we were the ones to bring back the 3 merchants. In addition, he gave me a letter to get a refund from the other town's animal tamer. So we set off, and about half way there we run in to a huge tree blocking the path. Therefore, I use my knowledge in history and my war experience, which told me that the tree was not a Treant. In addition, that the position of the tree, was perfect for an ambush but no one in the party would listen. So we got attacked by 6 Brigands. Then we moved on to the crossroads. Later, we set up camp. We set up a rope bell alarm system, and went to sleep while I and some of the others where on watch we heard a cart coming down the road so we all got ready to see why there was a cart on the road so late at night. Therefore, my brother, and the rest of us sheathed and hid from sight. The gnome mage made a screaming sound, the rogue snuck up on him the driver, and he craped his self. Then he fell over the rope alarm and the rogue put a dagger to the back of his neck. Then the elf opens the tarp and the Minotaur jumps in the middle of the goblins and start to do a spinning attack. He killed 3 of them and one went flying out of the cart. I did a power that hit them all and then the gnome did a thunder wave attack and the cart went a flying and the wheels broke off and my brother killed the rest of them. We found two ornate chests an my brother broke one and a green yellow spore clowd came out and then I shot the second one and the same thing happened. And now we have the guy who says that he is very persuasive but we don’t know why.


[GM Note: Edited for readablilty]


Farfromunique Farfromunique

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