Game Log: Atheas 8-24-08


Well the game started with me in jail. waiting for my arranment. why i was in there the elderon rogue was put in with me. i could have left at any time but waited for the judge to make his disition. when i got in the court room i talk to the judge to drop the charges and fine. I waited for the elderon to come out and he talked his way out of the pick pocket he tried. said he tripped and fell on to the pouch. Ya right he must be really clumsy. lolo Well after that we go back to the Inn of the flying Pig. as we get there we see a Female hobgoblin in ropes being berated by the dwarf mage. I go and intradus my self to her and we talk about stuff and she lessens to me i like her so me and the rogue unity her at the same time. The bar keep grabs his chest like hes in pain but it to activate a magic item that actives the telitiportation ring. i see this so i take the gnome aside and tell him what i have found. the hobgoblen then vanishes and i can see the other side and see the goblin Zarakun on the other side waiting for her. we jump throw and intimidate the him and he pisses his self. then he take us throw his caves making this sound to keep the goblins away. we come out of the big tree middle of the path we past earlier in the adventurer. Atheas


Farfromunique Farfromunique

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