Game Log: Torg 9-6-08

We hightailed it to Flagsdale but lost the female hobgoblin cleric of Avandra. Some fey killed her, with things like that we will never break Banes hold on the goblin race. Well, the other answer to Bane is to just kill the entire goblin race and that is just as good in the end. The group staid the night in Flagsdale after adding two more to our number.

We needed to get back to Riverhaven if for no other reason then turn in Zarakun and to pay our debt to the Inn Keep at the Flying Pig. The Inn Keep in Flagsdale has a better taste in beer then the one at Flying Pig so I drained the last of the double hammer dwarven Imperial stout and cleaned the beer barrel. It may be a lot of work but by Moradin’s mug, if you’re going to keep using to same keg you have to do the work. Wild yeasts and bacteria will start and then you get spoiled beer and that is nasty stuff. The Inn Keep had some dwarven old royal strong ale that I filled my beer barrel with. Ah, five gallons of dwarven rations to go with the dried rations in my pack. The beer is the classic dwarven beer that most think of when you say dwarven beer. It’s a cask aged dark ale that is high in alcohol and fusel oils. The hogshead was only branded with a single axe, over a season but not a year and a season old so it was not as bitter as it would be. Each year the keg would get another brand and a stronger flavor.

After the nights rest we rented some tall manure makers once more and rode back to Riverhaven without incident. The law gave us some warnings and we header over to the Flying Pig. Once there I paid my tab and then tried to take in the Inn Keep for questioning. Of course the Inn Keep rested so we proceed to try to make sure he did not escape. We laid into the half elf with a string of attacks that should have dropped him like a pull axe steer but did not. Rater then stand and fight the Inn Keep has tried to run. I’m game to try to run him down but I fear it will be up to our strikers to slow-down or takedown the runner.

Game Log: Torg 8-24-08

The trouble that I thought was coming did not come to light. Instead we had a female hobgoblin teleport in. Even in this weird city that is weird.

She claims to be a cleric of Avandra of all things! By Moradin’s hammer, that must be as rare as an eladrin cleric of Gruumsh! Most of the goblins would kill any of there people who would dare to follow a god of light. The Inn Keeper was acting peculiar, like he was triggering a magic item, maybe a scrying shield? Well, I was ready. I had my armor on, my war hammer grounded on one side of my chair, my pack and shield on the other, and my two Throwing Hammers on the chair next to me.

Soon another portal opened and the female hobgoblin was extracted the same way she came in. The group entered the open gate that lead back to her warren and intimidate a goblin alleging to be Zarakun. May Valkauna record this oath, I swear will pay my account at the Flying Pig as soon as I’m back in the town, if we make it back to the town. I was figuring we had a one in hundred chance of making it out without an epic fight but has that ever stopped me?

The group made it to the exit without combat and ended up at the big tree in the forest by Flagsdale. Something is fishy here. Couldn’t we have just cut that tree down in the first place?

Game Log: Atheas 8-24-08

Well the game started with me in jail. waiting for my arranment. why i was in there the elderon rogue was put in with me. i could have left at any time but waited for the judge to make his disition. when i got in the court room i talk to the judge to drop the charges and fine. I waited for the elderon to come out and he talked his way out of the pick pocket he tried. said he tripped and fell on to the pouch. Ya right he must be really clumsy. lolo Well after that we go back to the Inn of the flying Pig. as we get there we see a Female hobgoblin in ropes being berated by the dwarf mage. I go and intradus my self to her and we talk about stuff and she lessens to me i like her so me and the rogue unity her at the same time. The bar keep grabs his chest like hes in pain but it to activate a magic item that actives the telitiportation ring. i see this so i take the gnome aside and tell him what i have found. the hobgoblen then vanishes and i can see the other side and see the goblin Zarakun on the other side waiting for her. we jump throw and intimidate the him and he pisses his self. then he take us throw his caves making this sound to keep the goblins away. we come out of the big tree middle of the path we past earlier in the adventurer. Atheas

Game Log: Torg 8-9-08


Daybreak and a repaired the wagon, the day was looking up.  Thank Moradin.  One of our group had headed for the hills but an old member of the group is back.  I kind of miss my drinking partner; he could fight well, oh well. 

I find Riverhaven a weird city.  Peace-binding our weapons before entering the city understandable, but it was how we entered the city.  Rather then a bridge or a ferry to cross the river they teleported us.  To top that the city has only unaligned churches, that bothers me more.  No temple to Pelor or other goodly gods.

After we turned the carter and goblins' heads in for a gold piece each we proceed to the Flying pig inn.   The inn is tolerable and it has been attacked like clock work.  This time we cleaned the clocks of the evil followers of Bane that shown up before the town guard could show up.  I warned the group to conceal any un-peace-bond weapons but some of the group had other ideas.  I hope it we do not get in too much of a difficulty.

We did learn some more info a goblin called Zarakun is the one teleporting those evil followers of Bane.  Now if we could find out from where.

Game Log: Atheast 8-9-08

After the battle was over we saw that my brother was missing and our friends, the ranger and rogue had rejoined us. We made it to the bank of the river. Where there were two guards leaving the bank on boat, and two guards on the bank. Looked like the changing for the shifts. They asked our business and I told them what had transpired and showed then the goblin heads, and the man we captured. They asked us for hair and the weapons we had. So that they could be peace bonded. I being what I am have no hair so they cut a piece of me off, but gave it back. The guard did apologized before hand. After that he called out to the ferry and we were in the city. The bridge was a fake. So my party splits up and I go to the stable to settle our debt and give Ted’s brother Fred the note that he wrote. He first inspected the seal to make sure it was not a fake. Then Ted reads the note and comments that it was strange to give a refund. Therefore, I explain that we killed the kobolds that were plaguing his brother’s city and saved three merchants. After he finished reading it he burnt it. Then gave me back the 60G  my brother played for the party to get horses. I then asked him if he had heard any rumors other then the goblins. He told me no but to come back if we needed his services again he could give us the horses free but would cut us a deal. So I then caught up to my party as they found the magistrate. We told him about the goblins and the man we found and he told us to take the heads to the clerk of the court to get our payment. He gave us 1 gold per head and told us that if  they found that the man was really a villain and not just a towns folk that we had hit on the head and brought in that we would be payed then. After that we found the Inn of the flying pig, which was were the goblins had been attacking and made a deal with the bar keep watching over the place for a free night of stay. The dwarf mage asked the owner to set an alarm and then he went to bed. In the middle of the night the goblins appeared and surprised attacked us. There were Seven of them, two ranged, one mage, three sneaks, and then the leader. The leader tried to jump over the bar and fell prone on the bar so the rogue took advantage of the situation and attacked him, doing massive amount of damage. The one that attacked me did six damage. Then I killed it with my at will power aggravation and my three headed flail. I rolled a 23 total and did 15 points of damage. Then the mage cast a spell at me so that if I moved, it would do 3D6 points of damage. The gnome mage cast a thunder wave. That I think killed some of them. The shooters move and fire on the gnome bloodying him. The ranger on the roof shoots and kills the two shooters out front. The goblin leader then stands and moves over to attack the rogue. Then on the dwarf turn he move attacks the leader granting combat advantage to the rogue and his self hitting the leader then sliding and hitting the goblin mage. Then I do life tap casting a charged artifact with part of my life force. Connecting the magical wire with the gnome and the leader. Doing a critical attack and killing him, and restoring all and then some of the gnomes hit points. We try to intimidate the last mage goblin. In addition, learn that there is a goblin named Zarakun that teleported them to the Inn. The guards show and take me in for being an unbounded weapon. These people must not me very smart. I am a Minotaur Warforge, what did they think I was. Therefore, I have to go talk to the magistrate.


[GM Note: Edited for readability]

Game Log: Atheast 7-26-08

We started the game in the Flag City. We had just finished the kobolds cave.
We went to the city to get our reward from the sheriff, then to find out about a new quest. We all went to the tavern to gather information. The dwarf fighter and my brother found out that there were goblins in the other city. So we rented mounts and as everyone rode away, I talked to the animal tamer and told him that we were the ones to bring back the 3 merchants. In addition, he gave me a letter to get a refund from the other town's animal tamer. So we set off, and about half way there we run in to a huge tree blocking the path. Therefore, I use my knowledge in history and my war experience, which told me that the tree was not a Treant. In addition, that the position of the tree, was perfect for an ambush but no one in the party would listen. So we got attacked by 6 Brigands. Then we moved on to the crossroads. Later, we set up camp. We set up a rope bell alarm system, and went to sleep while I and some of the others where on watch we heard a cart coming down the road so we all got ready to see why there was a cart on the road so late at night. Therefore, my brother, and the rest of us sheathed and hid from sight. The gnome mage made a screaming sound, the rogue snuck up on him the driver, and he craped his self. Then he fell over the rope alarm and the rogue put a dagger to the back of his neck. Then the elf opens the tarp and the Minotaur jumps in the middle of the goblins and start to do a spinning attack. He killed 3 of them and one went flying out of the cart. I did a power that hit them all and then the gnome did a thunder wave attack and the cart went a flying and the wheels broke off and my brother killed the rest of them. We found two ornate chests an my brother broke one and a green yellow spore clowd came out and then I shot the second one and the same thing happened. And now we have the guy who says that he is very persuasive but we don’t know why.


[GM Note: Edited for readablilty]

Game Log: Torg 7-26-08


Finely, we may have found work once more.  After hanging out at the local inn with the Minotaur drinking double hammer dwarven Imperial stout (not the local humans' ale) and talking to the locals we have a lead on a job.  The less said about the local brew the better.  The humans' bitter weak ale could not even get its first hammer that comes at 5% ABV.  Now a good dark double hammer dwarven Imperial stout is a lager with 8% to up to 11% ABV, malty flavour, hints of dark fruits, and is quite rich.  Triple hammer has an ABV of 11% plus and you could get a quad hammer at 14% ABV.  I'm a bit worried about my fellow dwarf in the group, for he does not sit down to a mug of good beer ever and that can be a sign that something is not right.  Time will tell.  

Now, back to our hunt for work.  Riverhaven is reported to be having a problem with goblins and that means they may need some people to take out the goblins.

After some debate we rented some tall manure makers i.e. horses.  Why did we need those things?  At least we did not need to row there in a boat.  Well, we ran into some elves' work, a big tree right in the center of the path.  What a waste, rather then grow it there they should have grown it in the woods so it could be harvested for charcoal.  As we headed around the wayward tree we where attacked by some human desperados.  By the time I got off that lofty manure maker I was riding the bandits had been sent to the Moradin's slagheap for a re-forging.  May the All father burn the impurities from their souls!  We made a camp at the crossroad in the woods at dusk.  I pitched my tent and turned in for the night dreading the thought that we would be climbing back on those tall manure makers in eight hours.  Some how we got in a mêlée with a carter that was out in the middle of the night.  I would have liked to have gotten my armor on…  I grabbed my war hammer and shield as I climbed from my bedroll.  The little fey that had been under the weather for the last day or two must be on the mend for with a clap of thunder my tent was up in a tree flapping in the breeze.  That was not the only thing flapping in the breeze, for I had not even had time to grab my small cloth much less pull them on.  Oh well, as my father clams no dwarf is undressed if he has his beard, his weapon, and a target.  Not that I had a target to put it too.  My new drinking partner and some of the other members of the group had weighed waste to the evil followers of Bane that had been riding in the wagon that the carter was using.  That is the way of battle sometimes.  So I re-pitched my tent and turned in for the rest of the night.  Maybe we can repair the wagon.  It would be nice to stay off that tall flighty manure maker.


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