A Realm Runners gameday 4th edition game, taking characters from 1 – 30. Open to all who want to play, as table size allows.

Current Overview: After a 3 year hiatus, we have found our heroes back in the saddle again… Except for Torg, who refuses to ride an oversized manure maker. The are riding to the South, deep into Human lands, to learn why exactly the forests South of Flagsdale were burned, and what can be done to stop this from happening again, elsewhere.

They were hired for this job by a Dwarf with an astounding facility for disguise.

Last Session: When last we left our intrepid adventurers, it was night, and the second watch had just ended. There had been several sightings of hyenas, and speculation about Gnolls, When finally, there was an attack. Our heroes fought off the pack, killing them all, but they got the impression that there might be more eventually.


Farfromunique Torg_Ironhelm grim Eruntalon_Aerindil